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Antique Tibetan Meditation Rug With Poses by Martial Artists From Spirit2Power

Zarah Phythian - Tibetan Tiger Prayer Rug
The rug featured in this set of images is an antique Tibetan (Tiger) prayer rug for senior Lamas.
The artists in the pictures performing meditation and ‘Tiger’ pose are world-renowned Martial Artists Zara Phythian and Sifu Rob Ho, two of the stars of ‘Spirit2Power’, along with Executive Producer, Zadah.
Tibetan Prayer Rug Sifu Rob Ho
Spirit2Power is a docu-feature film on the Spirit of the Martial Arts to be released in September 2011. Zadah is Executive Producer and Gulrukh Khan is Producer / Director.
Please visit to find out more about this martial arts film.
We will also be present at the UK’s biggest Martial Arts show at the NEC in Birmingham on May 8th and 9th.

Special Feature – Our Ming Dynasty Rug

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Chinese Ming Dynasty Rug

Chinese Ming Dynasty Rug 002

Chinese Ming Dynasty Rug 003

Chinese Ming Dynasty Rug 004

Chinese Ming Dynasty Rug 005

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