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Zadah – Antique Textile and Rug Collector, Dealer and Expert

Zadah – Antique Textile and Rug Collector, Dealer and Expert

Zadah – World-Recognised Eastern Antique Textile, Rugs, Carpets and Tapestries Expert

Zadah is an entrepreneur with several successful businesses – including Property Development, Films, Construction and Trading Antique Cars – but only one true love…

Zadah is a 3rd Generation Historical Textiles Collector and Dealer. He has an unrivalled knowledge of Ancient Carpets, Rugs, Textiles and Antiquities from the East and West – from Persian Carpets to Ancient Islamic Antiquities to Early European Tapestries. His Gallery can be found online at Zadah.com – please call us on 0207 935 7125 today if you would like to know more about, or buy, any of the items you see on the site.

Zadah’s ancient collection of textiles features breath-taking, museum-quality pieces from a range of civilisations and timescales – from Coptic fragments from the 3rd Century AD, to Persian Rugs from centuries ago, to mysterious artifacts, each with their own unique tales of history, war and the society that prduced them to tell. These items come from many of the most powerful empires and dynasties throughout the world – The Mongols, The Safevids, The Ming Dynasty, The Mughuls, The Ottoman Empire, The Turkmens, to name but a few:

For example:

You will find the finest of Silk Weavings from Isfahan in our Textiles Collection.

Isfahan was the Central and Cultural capital of the Persian Empire of Shah Abbas throughout the the 16th and 17th Century. Isfahan is already a city of ancient history and considerable wealth when Shah Abbas decides, in 1598, to turn it into a magnificent capital. It has a Masjid-i-Jami, or Friday Mosque, dating from the Seljuk period (11th-12th century), still surviving today and noted for its fine patterned brickwork. And it has a thriving school of craftsmen skilled in the making of polychrome ceramic tiles. Shah Abbas favours in architecture what comes to seem almost the theme of his city – gently curving domes covered in a glorious array of Isfahan’s coloured tiles. The new centre of the city is a vast rectangular space, the Maidan-i-Shah (Royal Parade), designed for parades and polo. At its southern end there rises the most magnificent of Isfahan’s swelling blue domes, on the Masjid-i-Shah (Royal Mosque). The tiles are shaped where necessary to fit the curve of the dome, as are those which clad the mosque’s circular minarets. The dome is reflected in a great pool in the courtyard. On the east of the Maidan-i-Shah is a smaller blue dome, on the Mosque of Sheikh Lutfullah – built by Shah Abbas in honour of his father-in-law and used as his private chapel. There are other glorious buildings in Isfahan, but these domes have become the trademark of Persian Islamic architecture.

Our Galleries

The Zadah Gallery hosts probably – the greatest Collection of Ancient Rugs, Carpets, Eastern Textiles and other amazing historical Eastern art and artefacts from the most powerful Dynasties throughout the ages. travels throughout the world searching for textiles created by Artisans at the peak of the trade, that teach us things about the culture and the society of the Dynasty they represent.  

He has owned a number of galleries throughout London and is a vastly-experienced, expert collector and dealer in ancient rugs, old tapestries, fine Eastern textiles, ancient Persian rugs, Eastern carpets, fine European Tapestries and antiquities from around the world. is often featured in local newspapers and the Art Industry press such as Hali magazine. You can find additional examples of recent media in the Press Section or Blog Section of the site.

We also own 2 more Galleries In Europe:

The Zada Gallery in Brussels, in Belgium

– and another in New York.

Zadah began trading in London, in Galleries in Mayfair and Marylebone first of all, but Zadah was driven to expand further and soon expanded into North West London as well, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients, who make up a veritable Who’s Who of International Royalty and Celebrities.

‘s Latest Gallery is located in Marylebone, where he holds international exhibitions throughout the year, holds public and private viewings for small-medium sized groups, introduces his clients to the latest items in the collection that may interest them, and provides rare pieces for auction at Sothebys and Christies. If you want to arrange a viewing, or you see a piece on the website that you would like to learn more about, arrange to see, and perhaps even buy, please call us today on 0207 935 7125 or you can use our simple contact form


Carltone Property

1917 Ford Model T - owned by  Zadah of Zadah.com also has a Property Development company called Carltone Property, initially set up to develop a portfolio of high quality properties to rent out, both residential and commercial. He is always looking for new projects and to continue building a reputable network of other entrepreneurs for joint ventures. He has always been self employed although he worked for Piston as Chief design Engineer when he first graduated from University with a Degree in Engineering.

Zadah has a passion for classic cars, almost as great as his passion for ancient textiles, and he owns a 1917 FORD Model T which he drives around London in Summer – it’s very old, very eye-catching and it turns up in Newspapers and Magazine features all the time . The only other one in London belongs to the Science Museum, which has a sign in front of it saying ‘Do Not touch’!

He has a few employees working for him on a permanent and freelance basis…and his office gets full during exhibition seasons.

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