Blue Brocade And Silk Jacket With Shou and Bat Design

Blue brocade and silk jacket with Shou and Bat design. Chinese 19th Century.

Blue Ground Robe With Silver Thread Embroidered Dragons

Blue ground robe with silver thread embroidered dragons and horseshoe sleeves. Chinese, 19th Century

Blue Ground Metal Thread Embroidered Textile With Dragon

Blue ground metal thread embroidered textile with a dragon and the pearl of flames. Chinese 19th Century, 162 x 157 cm

Fine Woven Blue Ground Silk Textile With Dragons

Fine woven blue ground silk-textile with dragons. Chinese, late Qing period, 103 x 103 cm

Chinese 19th Century Convolute of Four Embroidered Badges

Convolute of four embroidered badges of rank and one garment part, 19th Century Chinese

Tibetan Wrapping Apron for Marriage Ceremony

Tibetan Pangden Wrapping Apron for Marriage Ceremony, Collector’s Piece, 192x116cm

19th Century Silk Koso

19th Century Chinese Textile, Collector’s Piece, 150x79cm

Japanese Textile – SAZ118

Japanese Textile, Collector’s Piece

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