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Blue Brocade And Silk Jacket With Shou and Bat Design

Blue brocade and silk jacket with Shou and Bat design. Chinese 19th Century.

Blue Ground Robe With Silver Thread Embroidered Dragons

Blue ground robe with silver thread embroidered dragons and horseshoe sleeves. Chinese, 19th Century

Blue Ground Metal Thread Embroidered Textile With Dragon

Blue ground metal thread embroidered textile with a dragon and the pearl of flames. Chinese 19th Century, 162 x 157 cm

Fine Woven Blue Ground Silk Textile With Dragons

Fine woven blue ground silk-textile with dragons. Chinese, late Qing period, 103 x 103 cm

Two Late Qing Dynasty Waterpipes

Two waterpipes, with cloisonné-decor showing rabbits and cranes. Chinese late Qing Dynasty

Chinese 19th Century Convolute of Four Embroidered Badges

Convolute of four embroidered badges of rank and one garment part, 19th Century Chinese

Gelaberd Rug, 19th Century Eagle Kasak

19th Century Gelaberd Eagle Kasak Rug 240x140cm

Caucasian Shirvan Kilim co630

Caucasian Shirvan Kilim, 287x180cm

Pair of Aubusson Tapestry Panels co624

Pair of Aubusson Tapestry Panels, 270x91cm

Ottoman Silk Coat Made In Bokhara 19th Century co643

Ottoman Silk Coat, made in Bokhara in the 19th Century, 92cm high

Indian Cotton Resist, Dyed Boteh Design co626

18th Century Indian Cotton Resist, dyed Boteh Design, 214x164cm

Caucasus Shirvan Kuba co509

Caucasus Shirvan Kuba, Collector’s Piece 380x166cm

Turkmen Seltener Engsi co583

Turkmen Seltener Engsi 145x109cm

19th Century Belouch Rug co590

Belouch Rug, 19th Century, Collector’s Piece, 203x103cm

18th Century Indian Mughal Summer Carpet

Indian Mughal Summer Carpet, 18th Century, Collector’s Piece

Ottoman Textile c.1700

Ottoman Textile, c.1700, Collector’s Piece

19th Century Suzani

Suzani, 19th Century

18th Century Ottoman Textile

Ottoman Textile, 18th Century, Collector’s Piece

Maharajah and Maharani Chairs

Gold and silver throne Maharaja and Maharani chairs, A pair, crafted in the Benares workshop, Delhi

Ko-ssu, Fine Silk Woven Tapestry

Ko-ssu, fine silk woven tapestry, used as table covers, late 18th century

Agra Decorative Carpet – co533

Agra Decorative Carpet, 250x185cm

Ushak Prayer Rug – co520

Ushak Prayer Rug, 206x152cm

Textile – co513

Textile, Collector’s Piece, 155x90cm

Islamic Oil Lamp

Islamic Oil Lamp

Agra Decorative Carpet – co357

Agra Decorative Carpet, 480x387cm

Tabriz Decorative Carpet

Tabriz Decorative Carpet, 462x335cm

Ottoman Waistcoat (SOLD)

Ottoman Waistcoat, Collector’s Piece (SOLD)

Ersari Decorative Carpet – co474 (SOLD)

Ersari Decorative Carpet, 317x259cm (SOLD)

Shirvan Rug

Shirvan Rug, Collector’s Piece, early 19th Century

Tibetan Wrapping Apron for Marriage Ceremony

Tibetan Pangden Wrapping Apron for Marriage Ceremony, Collector’s Piece, 192x116cm

Coptic Textile

Coptic Textile, Third – Seventh Century

West African Kilim

West African Kilim, Collector’s Piece, 19th Century, 226x175cm

Ersari Torkmen – co530

Ersari Torkmen, Collector’s Piece, 260x206cm

English Patchwork – co522

English Patchwork, early 19th Century, Collector’s Piece, 218x234cm

Shirvan Rug – co459

Shirvan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 150x119cm

European Tapestry – 181

European Tapestry, Collector’s Piece

Sivas Decorative Carpet

Sivas Decorative Carpet, 253x190cm

Tibetan Tiger Rug

Tibetan Target Tiger Rug, Collector’s Piece, 126x75cm

South East Asian Textile – co393

South east Asian Textile, collector’s piece, 198x96cm

19th Century Silk Koso

19th Century Chinese Textile, Collector’s Piece, 150x79cm

European Tapestry – co383

European Tapestry, 175x133cm

Indonesian Woven Text – po2

Indonesian Woven Text, Asian Textile, Collector’s Piece, c.1900, 90x190cm

French Tapestry – co339

French Tapestry, 242x180cm

European Needlework – co476

European needlework, Edo period, 145x231cm

European Tapestry – co341

European Tapestry, 299x238cm

European Tapestry 005

European Tapestry

European Tapestry – co350

European Tapestry c.1900, 200x200cm

Ushak Decorative Carpet – co524

Ushak Decorative Carpet , 275x190cm

European Tapestry – 004

European Tapestry

Ukranian Bassarabian

Ukranian Bassarabian, Decorative Carpet, 510x503cm

Tantra Meditation Ring

Tantra Meditation Ring

Baluch Rug

Baluch Rug, 19th Century, 150x90cm

Savanery Rug – co441

Savanery Rug, Decorative Carpet, 470x420cm

Turcoman Engsi Rug

Turcoman Engsi Rug, Collector’s Piece, 155x135cm

Northwest Persian Carpet

Northwest Persian Carpet, Collector’s Piece, early 18th Century, 260x190cm



Islamic Bowls, Khorasan

Islamic Bowls, Khorasan

Islamic Tiles And Bowls

Islamic Tiles and Bowls

Baksheesh Carpet – tco203

Baksheesh Carpet, Decorative Carpet, 395x305cm

Tabriz Decorative Carpet – co461

Tabriz Decorative Carpet, 344x232cm

Agra Decorative Carpet – co355a

Agra Decorative Carpet, 452x344cm

Agra Decorative Carpet – co358

Agra Decorative Carpet, 430x350cm

Sarapi Decorative Carpet – tc0367

Sarapi Decorative Carpet, 348x588cm

Tabriz Decorative Carpet – co454

Tabriz Decorative Carpet, 354x281cm

Tibetan Rug

Tibetan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 156x93cm

Shirvan Rug – co460

Shirvan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 275x126cm

Moroccan Rug – co385

Moroccan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 196x136cm

Daghestan Rug – p21

Daghestan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 157x100cm

Japanese Rug

Japanese Rug, Collector’s Piece, 199x111cm

Indian Textile – co373

Indian Textile, Collector’s Piece, 160x72cm

Shahsevan Rug

Shasevan Rug, Collector’s Piece, 60x60cm

Turkmen Rug

Turkmen Rug, Collector’s Piece, 66x30cm

West African Rug – co557

West African Textile, Collector’s Piece, 175x83cm

Japanese Textile – SAZ118

Japanese Textile, Collector’s Piece

Tapestry – co521

Tapestry, Collector’s Piece, 55x52cm

Heriz Rug

Heriz Rug

Belouch Bag Rug

Belouch Bag Rug

European Tapestry #2

European Tapestry

European Tapestry

European Tapestry

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